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We Turn

Ideas Into Action

Citizens Into Advocates

Leaders Into Allies

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Authentic Engagement.
Real Results.

We help our clients navigate complex policies and projects with their constituents. Working with special districts, local governments, nonprofits, developers, corporations, architects, and engineers, we implement strategies that gain public support and deliver results.

Turn The Tide

Analysis and strategy development
Leveraging local relationships
Smart positioning and targeted

Turnout Voices

Utilizing community influencers
Developing authentic supporters
Implementing creative engagement tactics

Turn Up The Volume

Deploying meaningful messaging
Mobilizing citizen coalitions
Influencing decisions
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Substance Over Spectacle.

Some use a one-way outreach model or PR tactics as a substitute for real engagement. At Turn Corps we generate authentic dialogue by seeding local, personal conversations and creating thought-provoking communications.

We maintain connections and relationships throughout Colorado communities to identify citizen influencers who build powerful coalitions to influence local decisions.


We develop polls and surveys and promote them across platforms to build credibility for your project and help prioritize messaging


From small towns to urban centers, we tap into our networks to identify individuals who believe in your project and are motivated to build grassroots support for its success


Our corps of citizens makes real impact because we take the time to strategically support them with resources and added-skills training

We utilize our unmatched relationships and operate with utmost discretion to gather intel and guide public sentiments to ensure our clients’ initiatives are widely supported.

Intelligence + Planning

We're well connected in political networks and can gather insight about attitudes on particular issues that help inform our planning and messaging efforts that lead to a winning  strategy

Campaign Operations

Canvassing, mail, phones, digital or GOTV - we do it all in-house or with our partners; big or small, we make elections look easy


Combining the strengths of private sector marketing and political strategy means a compelling and efficient campaign for your project’s approval

From inspired ideas to implementation, we’re equipped with the skills to execute a bundle of communications tools for our clients to ensure their project or policy is well understood.

Planning + Messaging

We fully assess our clients’ POV and tap stakeholder sentiment to develop and execute a strategic communications plan and messaging framework

Social + Digital

We have in-house, full-service social media advocacy and web capabilities for modest budgets and talented partners for comprehensive campaigns


Most of our plans include a local earned media element from letters to the editor to generating stories

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Problem Solving with a Purpose

Our communities are changing. Rural towns are building and maintaining local economies. Suburban cities are dealing with urban issues. Demographics are shifting. Traffic and congestion are increasing. And constituents are demanding better planning leading to greater vibrancy.

Better Together

Navigating the challenges of changing communities

With change comes the opportunity to collaborate. Whether you’re a decision maker, a developer, or represent something in between, there’s no question that the demand for participatory planning is increasing.

It’s in this spirit of solutions that we started Turn Corps and are introducing our newest venture - Burbo. A Summit for the Suburbs.

We know any kind of change can cause anxiety, but we also know that inviting people into a process will result in a shared understanding of the need, collaborative problem-solving, and a better end result.

Bringing You Burbo

A Summit for the Suburbs

Through our years of work engaging policymakers, citizens, business owners, and civic leaders throughout Colorado communities, we identified a gap in cross-jurisdictional cooperation to solve emerging regional issues.

Burbo is an annual idea summit, taking place each May, that brings together 25 to 30 key elected officials and leadership staff from targeted cities and counties grappling with the same challenges.

This group will travel outside the state for a 2-day intensive to learn what leaders in other parts of the country are doing and bring the best ideas home

The 2020 Summit is focusing on homelessness, housing, and workforce. Click here for more information.

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Traditional With a Twist.

Bryan Blakely

Strategist. Diplomat. Constituent Connector.

Bryan Blakely has 18 years of experience in local government ad- vocacy and public engagement across Colorado. He has run political campaigns and organized small and large coalitions at the local and state level on policies, legislation and highly visible development and infrastructure projects.

Some of the issues he’s focused on include:

land development | land conservation | water | infrastructure | property + sales taxes | disruptive companies + industries | energy | transportation | natural resources | tax increment financing | economic development | new technologies

Bryan’s clients rely on him to provide critical relationships, ef- fective political strategies and public engagement tactics to drive positive outcomes.

Sara O'Keefe

Wordsmith. Visualist. Issue Analyst.

Sara O’Keefe has 18 years of experience developing and execut- ing communication and outreach strategies that engage com- munities and stakeholders in critical social, economic, and policy discussions and decisions.

Over the course of her career, she’s led strategic marketing / communications campaigns and public engagement efforts fo- cused on the following issues:

ozone pollution | transportation | obesity + diabetes | tobacco + marijuana | eminent domain + public financing | public-private development | water + natural resources | energy + alternative fuels | early childhood development | health care policy + financing | affordable housing

Sara is an expert in positioning strategy and messaging prioriti- zation and has led such efforts for statewide, multi-million dollar education campaigns.

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